Logos, Icons & Graphics

Computer mouse icon

I’ve become much more comfortable with Illustrator as a tool for creating graphics over the past year. I’m proud of the Matters of the Mind logos and icon I made, which can be seen in the gallery below. Click for a larger image.

I also created the icons that are being used on this site. There are four: a pencil for articles, a ballpoint pen for professional writing, a quill and ink for creative writing, and a computer mouse for graphic design. They are also visible in a gallery below.

I created a couple¬†graphics for AWOL, the American Way of Life Magazine, in 2014. The first image graphic was a banner image accompany thing the article “What Feminism Lacks: The Male Voice.” The second is an illustration of the wage gap accompanying the article “Putting in Your 77 Cents to Gender Equality: Mind Wage Gap.”